Walnut Kernels

Moldavian Walnut Kernels

Walnuts play an important role in Moldavian culture and cuisine. Walnut trees can be found almost in every garden in Moldova. People appreciate walnuts for their tasty and healthy fruits. Walnut trees are very resistant against diseases and require less care, than other cultures.

In the past decade more and more people became aware of benefits, that walnuts bring and thus started planting smaller walnut orchards in private sector. Bigger producers are experimenting with french or american varieties of walnuts, grafting them on domestic rootstock.

Processing of walnuts and walnut kernels is very challenging in Moldova. We at PROMETEU-T S.A. always do our best to guarantee top quality of our products. Our main partners across the EU set high quality standards and we are proud to fulfill them. Since 2011 PROMETEU-T S.A. has built up a state of the art facility for processing inshell walnuts and walnut kernels. We work very close with producers of sorting and inspecting equipment giving them our feedback in order to contribute to improvement of technological solutions for alimentary industry.

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